Donkey bite, stilts and gnats

Mount Abu - Jaisalmer

Driving every day, we kill so many gnats. That's why Adinath, the first Jain enlightened of the 24 prophets, he hates us so much. His religion requires not kill any living being, you can see followers with a white bandage over their mouth to prevent breathing silly little bugs inadvertently. On the contrary, with our machines, who knows how many massacres we go committing. And he takes revenge. This morning, in a trivial twist to load the luggage, I felt like a hook take my left thigh. It was him for sure, fierce and spirited, to perform in the classic "donkey bite." And so the longest stage of the raid I made with sore thigh. More than 500 km, roads not so bad, long straights that brought us to the desert in Jaisalmer, caravan junction, impregnable stronghold, outpost in the wars against Pakistan. Tomorrow - quietly and, hopefully, with the thigh in order - we will go to visit it properly. Today, until dusk we have been in the swimming pool of a hotel to whose architect someone must have said, "Draw an Indian hotel as would do a designer mad for cinema”. Arches, statues, domes. Drums and garlands on arrival. Even a man on huge stilts that I was investing with my Giulia. GiuGiù continues to grind kilometers. He complains between 60 and 70 per hour. But if it’s the rope of speedometer, tomorrow I will cut it so it will finish to slice our soul.