Sahara Challenge

We do not take a trip,
a trip takes us.
(John Steinbeck)
Sahara challenge for us has no history, if not for our crossing of Morocco during the final part of the Around the World in 80 Days. Philip Young has revived this country glittering, full of history and contrasts, smells, and bright eyes. It has once again chosen the formula that was so successful last year with the Safari Challenge: race, yes, but without exaggeration; a good pinch of tourism; plenty of socializing. My daughter Silvana and I, we will have to deal with thirty other teams excited, almost all experts. People jovial, rivers of beer, great willingness to "do the race."
Meeting point in Ronda, a jewel in the north of Malaga, with breathtaking views and overhangs on the Tagus. Crossing the Strait of Gibraltar. First stage Tangier-Fes. Then the first test on a track near the dunes El Chebbi. Zagora (where there is still the sign indicating the distance to Timbuktu: 52 days of a camel). Ouarzazate by the Draa Valley and its millions of palm trees, the splendor of Marrakesh. Rest day, then return to Fez, Tangier to the gala.
Classification will be substantially determined by three stages: two tests of short sandy path quite good and fast. The last one, eleven kilometers of dirt road challenging, some dark pit, jumps, and stones. In any case, the path will not be a "convenient transfer". 60 km of average, often on asphalt without traffic, but sometimes long steep climbs. lLike the terrible Tizen test, which starts with a sign bearing the words "curves for 120 km."