Tiger Rally

For how high is a mountain,
you have to get to the top.
For how dense is a forest,
there is always a path that runs through it


This time the race is the most simple imaginable. Departure time, arrival time and that's it. If the time is convenient, we will make a very nice walk. However, we still have to cross the whole of Indochina. Eight thousand kilometers of roads not so sliding. We will find countries that can show characteristics of great modernity but also total backwardness. In any case, the car must be in excellent condition. And we need to pay the maximum attention to the indications of the road book, especially in big cities. Take a wrong turn could mean a big waste of time. It wouldn't be easy to ask for the right road to a Vietnamese farmer ... This Tiger Rally will be definitely the first race with classic cars in these countries. We are confident that we will be greeted with warmth and curiosity. We will have a workshop car following us, but we hope not to need it.

It is a "first time" in all respects. There is no precedent rally with historic cars in Southeast Asia. The charm of this event is largely in the idea of crossing for the first time those nations. Towns and villages inhabited by people that Westerners - in the last fifty years - has seen and known in quite different situations. We will meet the symbols of modernity (the towers of Kuala Lumpur, among the highest buildings in the world). We will appreciate the cosmopolitanism in Bangkok. We will know the still mysterious history of Angor Wat (the city temple largest in history). We will enjoy the charm of Luang Prabang and the schematic pragmatic of Hanoi. Nobody can forget the two wars that have distorted these nations. The French fell in Dien Bien Phu, the Americans forced to cut and run from Vietnam. But even the horrors of Pol Pot, the genocides. And now peace. The reconquest of progress that is also manifested by hosting these 35 unusual crews. With many of them we have already shared other raids. Besides, this time, we will have Agneta and Giancarlo Puddu as holiday companions with whom we will share many moments of this beautiful adventure. A trip intriguing, full of charm, history, culture and spectacular breathtaking views.