Goodbye India , goodbye Giugiù


With a giant yellow bus with 60 seats we went (only a few of us) to help and move the cars from the parking to the containers. We cross Delhi with this Yellow submarine that was struggling to extricate himself in the midst of myriads of truc truc and cycle rickshaws. And at the end all our cars were lined up under the containers, last formalities. Final look. And our final goodbye to Giulia - Giugiù that now will return home, to the Scuderia del Portello in Seregno, where is resting also the other Alfa, Celestina, that was our partner in the Beijing to Paris in 2007. They will have a lot of things to tell... At lunch time we returned to the Imperial hotel, a historic residence that also  Sardanapalus could envy. Then, deservedly, a visit to the famous Red Fort. A real disappointment. Sure, it has the great walls, has some audience hall of carved marble , has extensive gardens and manicured. But nothing compared to other fortresses suspended between dream and fantasy, to embroideries and virtuosity of marble of  temples of Palitana or Maunt Abu. In short, even this Indian adventure is over. We put it in the archive, in the chapter of the fine things in life. Tomorrow night we should be in Rome. Goodbye India!


    • Classic India 2013