Who stole our passports?

Roma - Roma

Fine, the competition will start on the 16th. But departure’s eve caught us unprepared, as usual. Not least because: 1) someone stole our passports. After having obtained all the visas that could be gathered in Italy we sent them to the European embassy of Zambia in Brussels. They sent them back to us, the registered letter was delivered to our concierge; everything was fine and on time, with the only, tragic exception that the envelope was open and empty! We’ve managed to have duplicates in a few days and again as many visas as possible. 2) while we are about to leave the Cricket World Championship is being held in Cape Town and around. All flights are booked up; we’ve found one with Klm via Amsterdam. All this one day ahead of schedule, implying the search for an accommodation. We succeeded in making a reservation at the Breakwater lodge with huge difficulty. 3) the recovery of the passports did not allowed us to attend the journalists’ rally in Genoa where we were expected to meet the main sponsor (Esso). Two positive remarks: the “Gazzetta dello sport” has first reported about the rally a few days ago; good picture and long article. Telit has provided us with a satphone, which will be of help to keep in touch with you. What about the car? We’ve had no news for the last few weeks, hope Peter “the saint” has done things properly. He, at least…