The wonder of the Taj Mahal

It's really one of the seven wonders of the world. The Taj Mahal beyond imagination, what we have seen in the photos, in movies or in the guides can not give the sense of impressiveness, of spirituality, of the light that this mausoleum is able to convey. Once in Agra in the late afternoon we just look at it from the opposite bank of the river. And we did well because it was packed on a Sunday afternoon. Monday morning we returned, few people, sharp light profile that stands out in the blue sky. Marble embroideries, the four minarets, long fountains, extraordinary symmetry. In short, a splendor. As well as the huge fortress of red sandstone, where the great Mughal (who had built the mausoleum of gleaming marble in memory of his beloved consort) was locked up in the last eight years of his life by the bad son who had ousted him. From afar, however, through the marble lace of prison, the Taj Mahal reflected all the colors of the sun and the moon, looking at him, apparently like if also them had "tears in their eyes". Even us we were going to cry at the airport the day before, when we realized that there was no one waiting for us. Hundreds of signs agitated behind the barriers, but none with our names. Two hours of waiting, then finally straight to Agra, in gardens beyond the river, with the temple at sunset that seemed to say: "But how long did you take to arrive"?
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