Here we are

Rita and I we did the first race in the car together in September 1968. We would get married three months later. It was the Rally of the Press in Trento. We got third overall and we decided that car races would be our sport. Years and years of adventures, many trophies, many friends. The first rudimentary electronic instruments to split the seconds. One of these worked attached to fuses. One day, in Naples, there was a spark and we ended the test in smoke and flames. Our passion was never interrupted. It was rekindled with the discovery of the vintage cars. We took part in all the main Italian events. We won the Tour of Sicily, the Coppa del Drago. In 1998, we won an absolutely fantastic Targa Florio with the Aurelia B24. After years of trying, we had two successful participation in the Mille Miglia. Then, the horizons have more widened, we competed in Germany, Scotland, Greece. Could we stop? No, sir. We started with the big international raids as the "Around the World in 80 days". We spent two months in South America with the Inca Trail. We went to Africa two times. We participated twice to the Beijing to Paris. We "drivers by chance" are here to tell about our races, to publish our pictures: Rita is my precious and priceless navigator. Sometimes you will see our daughter Silvana, patient co-driver of the reserve. I am Roberto Chiodi, journalist, amateur pilot but passionate sincerely.