An elephant greedy of garlands

Ahmedabad - Palitana

Lothal and its dry dock the oldest in the world (4000 BC) only a few stones remain, good only for archeology lovers. We preferred to make a detour to Alang, where it is carried out another kind of dock: here thousands of damned people dismantle all ships lost, abandoned, stranded. Supertankers, cruise ships, boats of all kinds. And everything - from dishes to engines, from slot machines to mini fridge - is recycled. But it seems that the place is worse than a pit of hell, the authorities do not like the curious and so we were pushed back. Now we are in Palitana, about twenty tents only for us, with cars parked in front. Beautiful photographs, afternoon tea. Then came a guy with a tame elephant and astute. Click like crazy, with the elephant happy to gobble up the garlands of flowers that upon arrival they immediately put us around our neck. Another stage without problems. Unfortunately friends Xavier and Ines were forced to leave for a death in the family. The crews of the Lagonda and the Ambassador are changed (which implies ranked penalty, provided that there is one ...).