Adinath still bites


We had booked a restaurant by the sea and ordered a nice grilled fish. But first we went to visit the residence of the local rulers, a harmonious building that rises from the green and looks at the long beach of Mandvi. And there we went back for lunch. But other friends of the raid had preceded us and had eaten all our fish. Needless to protest with the Indian managers, they shake their heads from side to side, smiling and repeating "Yes, sir." However, we enjoyed a siesta with that postcard view, facing the Arabian Sea, a slight breeze to freshen up ideas. And we had a very good one: we have arranged for tomorrow (another day of rest, with camel ride very well suited to the sacrum) a deviation from the official route. We will return to the sea where there are just for us the suites of the building next to that of the maharajah, with private beach and barbeque - this time - in our exclusive consumption. God Adinath (the one that bites your calves) obviously has avenged and on the way back hit Giugiù, biting into the left rear tire. Repair attempt failed, need to find a new tire. Now we are ready for dinner, but Adinath is not stupid. With one of his famous tricks inoculated me a momentary lapse of memory. And so a camera is left on the beach