Sher Bagh, corner of paradise

Karauli - Ranthambore

If one day by chance you come around here, guys do not miss the Sher Bagh. It's a complex with twelve tents which if you say luxurious is not enough. Library-Bar, where you are fascinated by two enormous eyes of a tiger photographed near here, in the wonders of the park of Ranthambore, hunting reserve of the Maharaja: 1,500 square kilometers of jungle and cliffs. And the tiger is the biggest attraction, though there are barely 32 specimens. The reserve is dominated by an old fort, perched on rocky ridges. Four tatty doors to get into it, a great walled city that housed ten thousand inhabitants. Huge tanks of water, almost lakes to collect water, vegetable gardens, stables, temples. Centuries ago, after a year of siege, They knew - nobody knows how and by whom - that the maharaja had been killed in battle. So all women killed themselves. When the maharaja knew it, he cut his own head in front of the temple of God Shiva. I was going to do the same on arrival when the reverse gear was not entering. The chief mechanic saved me when he noticed that the shift lever of the Giulia has a simple latch that adjusts the mechanism. It must have been the escaped mishap, or the full moon, the fact is that the evening at the Sher Bagh is continued without dark thoughts: all sitting around a bonfire, cocktails, nice red wine, tasty dinner, the usual laughter. And in the tent, five hot water bags between the sheets…