Demons and wonders


We fill our eyes and bundle in the box of memories the greatest possible number of images of this imaginative stronghold that seems to be made of golden sand. Jaisalmer embodies the east, the adventures of the sultans, sieges, raids of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. A massive wall, 99 bastions in the middle of the Thar desert. Passage for the caravans, the great manor house has been for centuries a refuge for kings lazy and unfair. After their armed incursions took refuge in the castle and there was no way to flush them out. Are passed down stories of sieges lasted nine years of ritual sacrifices (of women, of course), of fabulous wealth that reverberate today in the charming havelis, the palaces of the rich merchants who vied with each other in the beauty of the buildings, carved, embroidered, all this stone carved in gold and honey. In short, a wonder. Picturesque is getting lost in the narrow streets teeming with shops, get some fresh air and a beer at the top of the walls. Everything was nearly to crumble when Giancarlo, stooping down in a dark passage in the rock, gave a terrible headbutt to the center of a bow. The century-old Jaisalmer fort trembled, cows acrobats and Jains have held their breath seeing sway the 99 bastions. Who once again have stood. News from the raid: the two most impressive car in trouble. The De Soto broke two axle shafts, the Lincoln that consumes more  brakes than gasoline.