Mud, rosaries and the missed photo

Neemrana - Dehli

Transfer was short but heavy, the condition of the roads were terrible and signals on the official gps were wrong. And when the boss Conrad found us off course on the outskirts of Delhi (then he too must have got lost) he said the classic "Follow me" that usually says who knows the way by heart. We went behind him with effort (him with the off-road car) among hell holes deep, parking dug in the mud, blasphemies that will not be enough to pray thousand of rosaries to make us forgive. Then began the rigmarole of documents to send home the car. Dozens and dozens of sheets and photocopies to be signed at the bottom twice (print name and signature). We are now at the Imperial, we have gala dinner tonight. I should be thinner and so my pants, which remained largely open the first time I worn them, they should make their figure; otherwise Rita - as usual - will sew them pitifully on the front. It has been a busy month, fortunately without fierce competition. Beautiful places, some mishaps that we will soon forget. Upon arrival, we hoisted the flag of India on the Giulia and we were posing for the classic photo of the end of the raid. Giancarlo took it. But ( ça va sans dire ), he has not pressed the button hard enough and missed the photo