Malafemmena and level crossings

Mandvi - Dasada

Pleasant, but not memorable, yesterday evening. It would have been memorable if the guests had allowed me to finish the famous italian song "Malafemmina", with simultaneous translation into English. The audience has spared no more to swallow whiskey, vodka and beer rather than luxuriate in a refined interpretation. Transeat. But that god Jain, Adinath, has rightly decided to punish the wicked (perhaps with me had not finished yet the repertoire, after calves, camera and drilling). He pointed also the Puddu’s Volvo and broken his battery too. Our Giulia had to help it with battery cables and the Volvo started again and we headed to this "tappone" (big stage). The first part was ugly, then a beautiful highway led us into this "Rann and Riders", a little village of sad bungalows. Along the road we were at least half an hour at a level crossing: first the slow passage of a convoy that never ended, then the inevitable traffic jam in crossing. First of all, someone had seen fit to go banging against the bars, denting them. Then, the Indian rite expected to fill in both directions all roadways. So that, as soon as the bars (when there are...) are open, we find ourselves like a wall against another wall and traffic is obviously blocked. But no one gets angry, so many smiles as if to say, "But look what the fate is able to organize”. Giugiù has again her spare wheel. And also a noise between 60 and 70 per hour. Convergence is necessary.