Palitana, absolute astonishment


A day of those that will remain in the memories of life. It is difficult to tell the intense emotions, the absolute astonishment, the many chills caused from this site with 800 temples, a metropolis of infinite devotion carved in marble and experienced by thousands of the faithful with deals, chants, prayers and hard pilgrimages. Yes, because to reach this city templar you must climb 3,300 steps (and there are also those who climb them on their knees, and remove dust before on them with a duvet one by one). Porters follow and besiege you up to thousand steps, then leave you to your calves and despair of your faith. At the top you will be fascinated by an expanse of marble, sculptures nicely trimmed, domes and temples dedicated to the god of Jains, Adinath, that just under a venerable ancient tree received enlightenment. There is people wrapped in large white robes, with offerings of flowers, powdered colors, feed. A bevy of boys dressed in orange keeps everything in order, sweeping gently anywhere, polishing the divine images. The Jains have a religious and total respect for all kind of life, do not make gestures that could cause someone's death - ant caterpillar centipede that is. They do not eat carrots because, for example, pulling off the ground , some insect improvident could lose its life. I think that, travelling back down the 3,300 steps, we have not paid much attention to what we went trampling. Hopefully Adinath, in his infinite goodness, wants to forgive our sins. And give us back our calves....