No cobras, but Pommery and carbonara

Nagaur - Samode

We ride up to Samode, just a few kilometers from Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, the largest state of India. Just to give you an idea, it is as big as Germany and counts 60 million inhabitants. The first objective was the Temple of snakes but we were wrong to stop and then we made a U-turn that we shouldn't do. In short, no cobras. So we have arrived early to Samode where "the only reason to come here (Lonely Planet, p.128) is to sleep into the Palace”. And here we are. Really luxurious palace, belonging to a noble who has never given up on nothing and who has made a residence in sybaritic refinement. The afternoon snack by the pool guaranteed us prawns, parma ham, olives, arugula, parmesan cheese. Rita and Giancarlo spoke with the chef, and so was born a stratospheric vegetarian carbonara with zucchini instead of bacon. The lovable Finns have offered the Pommery in their suite and so this evening ended at its best. It remains to stop the man down in the atrium that, in his way, he thinks to wish everyone a good night, strumming on an instrument like a viola a song that should be titled "I bothered you”.