One hundred days to go


Departure is scheduled for January 19, Rita’s birthday. And, let's face it objectively, still nothing ready. Starting from the car that, in the Scuderia del Portello in Seregno, is under the care of the mechanic preparer Alberto Spotti great certainty of this latest adventure. He is starting from the engine, fixing everything that has to be fixed, choosing the right and indispensable spares. As he did with Celestina (the Giulietta who accompanied us to the Peking to Paris in 2007 and that we found on show the same as we left). Giulia  will be delivered, for boarding in the container, in early December. The driver's licenses are about to expire , needless to ask in advance the international ones. Same goes for visas and passports. We should also control our vaccinations and check that everything is in order. The organizers will deal with “Carnet de passage”, medical insurance should be guaranteed by our pension plan, but we should be better informed shortly. Meanwhile , we're working hard with these pages. We exceeded half a million hits. Thanks to our loyal readers. Comments are welcome, especially criticism (benevolent, of course...).