Under the shield of “Portello”

Seregno, 71 giorni al via

We go in Seregno by train Italo. Well: our car will start  November 19th from Castellanza, it is ready and perky. Alberto, foreman of the Scuderia del Portello, rebuilt it from scratch and now our Giulia is practically new. After loading two bags full of t-shirts and shirts that we will find in Delhi (hopefully), we took a ride in Brianza. The Giulia has 1300 cc but it runs that is a pleasure and restart in fifth gear without fuss even at 1,500 rpm. If you press a little the accelerator, you can feel a strong roar. I think, there's some devilry below, carburetors or something else... We did make a visit to president Cajani's “deposit". and we found at least fifty Alfa ready to be cannibalized (a beautiful 1,900 limousine Hills) In short: long live the Portello. They will provide to deliver our car to “Vector, where Professor Puddu’s Volvo is also going. They will be packed also on return in the same 40-foot container , they will have lot of things to tell...