Chatters, relaxation and birds

Nakhatrana - Mandvi

A fire of fragrant woods burns and in the yard of the hunting building, the table is ready for the barbecue tonight. We will be in eight reconciled with life and with the fury of the gods. Envied by the rest of the caravan, who moved in the morning on the beach, but had to go back in the village-camp for the night. It 'was a really nice day of relaxing. Caravan of camels patients during transfer to the sea, festive welcome by the cousin of the maharajah who run this relais, the latest agreements on the menu and on drinks (will do everything to satisfy our abstinence from alcohol). Meeting and photos with a peaceful blue bull (hard to describe, think of a mule and then put the muzzle of an antelope), short walk to the Arabian Sea that we had already met yesterday. The experience made us sit at the table to time and we devoured a very good fish in small trances. Then we were in the breeze: small talk, a huge hovercraft that goes rumbling, cows that seems to graze sand. A squirrel thirsty. A pair of colorful birds that protest for our presence, they have a nest between the boards of the roof. "All right, you are a guest of the restaurant, but this is also our home, what are you waiting to leave?"