Kapò, Gandhi e Tremalnaik

Dungarpur - Ahmedabad

The Palace with a single column, former residence of the royal Dungarpur, also hides what all of us, fans of vintage cars, we would like to have: a huge garage for thirty historical pieces, with the final part which houses a bar, lounge and library. In contrast, the inner hall is literally carpeted with hundreds of heads of animals, killed mostly in Africa by the grandfather of the present maharajah. Tigers, buffalos, leopards, gazelles, wildebeest... a sad and painful cemetery that has certainly sharpened our discontent originated from the "disease" of the Giulia, disease solved at the end by swapping our battery with the one of mechanics. We drove quiet to Ahmedabad, capital of the state of Gujarat, four million and a half inhabitants who, at one point, we had the feeling that they were all given an appointment - with truk truk, on foot, by bike, by trucks - around our poor Alfa. Avoided the thousand snares motor, we found the  quiet in the Meridien. Then, the obligatory visit to the museum of textiles, where we are lined up by a bad Kapò and escorted by a cerberous that looks Tremalnaik. Here is the beautiful Mosque and the forest of stone pillars in the big hall of prayer that supports the domes. And finally, the headquarters from where, March 12, 1930, Gandhi started  his "March of the salt." 78 companions followed him that day. They would become millions, they would have won independence without ever resorting to violence.