The Pope goes away. And what about us?

Dasada - Mount Abu

I caught the news of the resignation of the pope in real time, opening the site of the newspaper "Repubblica" when there was only the flash that gave an account of his abandonment. We were at the house of Connaught in Maunt Abu, Rajasthan, and the most immediate political commentary was "Waiter, another beer please". The concrete impression is that our ten friends who deviated with us the raid didn't fully realize the importance that a decision like this one can have for everyone. And so to tell today's stage should not make sense. But it has not sense even begin to speak of pope Benedetto XVI from here, where there lives a billion Hindus who do not even know where Rome, St. Peter are or what Christianity is. The official program planned to stay where we were last night. But we fled to visit Maunt Abu, unmissable places one hundred kilometers beyond the end of the route scheduled for tomorrow. And we were right: the Connaught is an old English mansion ten stylish apartments, champagne and red wine, bow-windows overlooking the garden at sunset full of green budgies that are pecking their dinner served just in front of us. In the morning we visited a beautiful temple of the sun at Madhera and, in Patan, a well the most beautiful in the world: carved down, five floors full of refined images of Shiwa, preserved thanks to the silt that has held for centuries by the ravages of time and humans.