Bondi, between fairy tales and fantasy

Ranthambore - Bundi

The fairytale castle dreamed by boys, fantasy of comic book come true. The City Palace of Bundi is even much more, you remain literally speechless exploring the various floors of the building that continues to grow upward, as if it had sprouted from the rocks on which it is born and stretches. It's very spoiled and decadent, populated by monkeys, birds and bats. But the rooms of the maharaja, the halls of the hearings, the door of the elephants, the paintings sensational although ruined... they are an absolute and unexpected pleasure. And then: below the palace breathes a city all blue, rowdy games of children, the prayers of the muezzin, the flying of kites. We went on to the ramparts and the rooms, marveling at each corner for the new prospects for gold and turquoise thumbnails for the stories told in the great wall paintings: the parade of armies, the sacred stories, the dances of the concubines, the hunting scenes, the portraits of elephants in all their activities, from war to fight, from transport to work. A true marvel, amazing and incomparable. Our happy day, among other things, begun  with a "Good morning, sir. here is your coffee“ said softly, out of the tent, our attendant. Breakfast, fast internet, canceled all penalties on the first day because we had to travel at night. And here we are in Bundi, in this palace - Kipling wrote - "built by goblins”.