Jodhpur, for angels and giants

Pokaran - Jodhpur

Impressive is an understatement. Majestic still does not make the idea. Built by angels and giants, has already said Kipling. The Fort of Jodhpur is something dreamlike, is the rock that is transformed into the dream of the palace and evokes sieges and delights, pageantry and clashes of arms, opulence and sacrifice. Refined and bold, this impregnable fortress overlooking a city in the centuries that may have inspired Modugno: it's all blue. We would have appreciated more with the reflection and the background of a cloudless sky. But it was raining. It was too cold. So we went back to the hotel, a building half way between the Royal Palace and the Cathedral of Florence, another example of how the maharajah can be crazy and brilliant. Designed by British architect Henry Lanchester (his brother was building wonderful cars) hotel Umaid Bawan was completed in 1944. Marbles galore, giant dome, 365 rooms and waiters who knock at the door of our room four times (bathrobes, sweets, a basket with other fruits...). But we are here to mull over - as the Barone said - "na giurnata quequera” (a boring day). First we had a puncture again; then in the Puddu’s Volvo a shock absorber has broken its own housing in the trunk; finally, the crew chief Alexander discovered that the noise we had was because we had a joint to replace. In short, in a great city, in a hotel stratospheric we are locked up in the room to suck a sweet and peel an apple.