Udaipur - Dungarpur

We swim in the pool on arrival, under a stone elephant that sprays water from the trunk. It would be enough this delight to fulfill the holes we found today, the roads devastated that we were forced to go. And with a little more heartache: our friend Xavier was left without gas. We left our five-liter jerry can (rally-drivers by chance ok, but shrewd and cautious), but in those streets peasant there wasn't even a shadow of a gas stations and the Chevrolet with five liters should not go that far away. However he did it and the beer sipped "au bord de la piscine" had a better taste than usual. Yesterday we gave the brake fluid to the Finnish Lincoln Capri convertible. Today gasoline. Our Giulia "Giugiù" is proving to be prodigal with everyone. But on arrival, after a stop in the parking, did not want to start again. The battery was ok, same the starter, so... Gentlemen, it is the dynamo! Mechanics are taking care of it, we hope they can manage it because tomorrow we expect a challenging stage, into the hell of Ahmedabad four and a half million inhabitants. Stop in that chaos would be a serious problem. Rankings. We are a dozen zero penalty: The Mercedes Pagoda, the Jaguars XK, the Chevrolet, the Volvo of Professor Puddu and our Giugiù. But it does not seem to involve too much the entire group of participants, all relaxed between the temple and the pool.