A palace of crystal and honey


Although there was one of the most beautiful cities in all India to explore - it seems that this Udaipur is built with honey - we moved from the Lake Palace reluctantly because it was too nice to be lulled by the luxury of this unique hotel in the world. But the 244 meters of the facade of the royal palace, domes, towers, balconies have finally exerted upon us the same lure of the gold of Scrooge McDuck for the Beagle Boys. The museum winds in the courts, in the sumptuous halls, climbs into armories, shines with mirrors and pottery and miniatures. There is an entire gallery with the life and images of the rulers of Mewar, including the gentleman with the white beard who entertained us last night. Since 76 generations his family has been handed down the command and has direct descent from the sun, represented with mustaches, that is the emblem of the city. Loved the Diplomatic reception room from which hang three crystal chandeliers a thousand kilos each. And the crystal, engraved with an incomparable refinement, is on display in the gallery glittering in all its forms, even in a bed. On which the maharajah, who wanted it, was never able to sleep because he died before the delivery by the British artists who created it. Usual evening stroll in the narrow streets teeming, pashmina blue peacock for tonight, pigeon that hits me right in front of the Jagdish temple. If it really means good luck we'll find out in the next few days.