Old carriages and a '47 Dodge


On the train hundred years old we enjoyed the mountainous area of ​​the Aravalli hills. In this first rest day we had the privilege - while many competitors were sweating around the engines - to overlook our Alfa Giulia. The only drawback  is the sun visor, driver's side, who manages to fall suddenly in front of my eyes, in general, when I am overtaking for a centimeter. For the rest, it goes like a dream. So much so that in the afternoon we left on a trip aboard a '47 Dodge specially equipped for picnics. Destination splendid hunting lodge of the notable local lawns, pool and lapis around a placid lake surrounded by granite rocks at sunset reverberated rays of a sun happy to keep us company. To make it complete, stroll into town for shopping: bracelets, some miniature, a little knife that everybody must have for butter... From the din of a local brass band is also popped a beautiful groom, dressed as he should, gold and ivory. He rose on a white horse, and  left proudly meeting to fate. The exposure of the charts did not surprise anyone. We are all zero penalties, except those who decide to extend the morning breakfast on the terrace, delaying the convenient control over the time limit. But you know, the competitive spirit is not the DNA of these organizers. And, for once, it really is better that way.