Super Totti and fair the East

Jodhpur - Nagaur

Defeated the Bianconeri (Juventus team) by superTotti (Captain of Roma team)
What a beautiful Sunday morning
to know that the zebra Juventus
was torn by our wolf cubs.

Thanks Roma, thanks Francesco for making this Indian day bright, a day that had its climax in a visit to a cattle fair. For the occasion, are brought in Nagaur thousands of cattle and sheep. There is an expanse that is filled with tents and mangers, stalls and stands. From all over Rajasthan they come to sell and buy, trading is lively, you can see camels decorated with bows, outdoor kitchens. So much folklore, many visitors. Puddu bought a "rattle to put in the garage", we have been attracted to an object colorful, half-way between a plume and a muzzle. "You have an horse”? asked the seller. "I have 82" I answered, referring to HP of Giugiù. The seller immediately excited said: "I'll make you a big discount”. But for one piece I had to pay full price. We are inside the Fort of crested cobra, one square kilometer of towers, columns, tanks vast, beautiful frescoes. The front of our tent was assaulted by a bunch of ants. The surveillance broke the siege by spraying insecticide. I am sure Adinath didn't like it...