The maharajah who ran with the Alfa

Palitana - Gondal

The god of the Jainists was attached to our calves this morning. Can not be done with impunity, at a certain age, ascent and descent, more than seven thousand steps. But as we arrived in Gondal we were consulate in part with the story of a man of Viterbo who had climbed in a nearby site for 9,000 steps. At dinner, he was still alive. Here we arrived at the hotel early in the afternoon, beautiful road, Giulia happy with a new alternator instead of a dynamo. Visit to a textile mill, where nearly 20 women sitting on the floor were pushing cranks all day. Museum in the old palace of the maharajah, which we then met at his summer residence transformed into a small hotel. He, passionate about vintage cars, strolled among our cars and as soon as I tried to explain him something about my little Alfa, he said: "Look, I ran on the track in Mumbai with a Giulietta”! In his garage more than thirty specimens. Largely American cars of the first postwar, impressive Buick and Cadillac, a Lincoln 12V and above all, a streamlined 1930 Delage convertible, orange and cream. Our young chief mechanic was pulled away by force, stood with his head inside the engine, vivid eyes like a rabbit in love. In the garage of cars in use stood a modern Mercedes SL, 6.3, engine AMG with gull-wing doors. One million euro for the import tax. If I am reborn, I want to do the maharajah.