One year and a half at the start

Roma - 511 giorni al via

One year, four months and 27 days. Then, there will be the "start" from Tiananmen Square. Seems so far this May 27, 2007, but there are still so many things to do ... We abandoned, despite ourselves, the idea of ​​the Fiat 500 because Stefano had to give up and, tackle this choice alone, would have been really crazy. Mimmo Magro, of the Historical Museum of Alfa Romeo, came to help us. Could never, a specimen of Arese, miss the race of the centenary? So, here we are, in the Scuderia del Portello, with President Marco Cajani. He shows us the magnificence of the car that will take us from Beijing to Paris. It is a dazzling Giulietta Sprint Veloce, red and silver, former Carrera Panamericana 2002  with Prisca Taruffi. Will be equipped with a slide protection, we must install a double coil and the decanter of gasoline. We must also remove maybe the structure for the automatic shutdown required for the track but superfluous to our needs. The Portello's mechanics showed to know very well the needs and problems; basically these are  people who raced international competitions like London-Sydney. Of course, the images of the roads that we were shown, especially those of Mongolia, are frightening. We will find muddy dirt roads with abysmal ruts and tracks that branch out into thin air. We will find poor petrol, poor food and poor nomad tents to welcome us. Obviously, not even the shadow of workshops or road signs or internet points where to launch any desperate sos ... But if it has been a challenge, this is the way. On June 30, 2007, when we will meet in Paris: you'll know how it went!