What a sight the Giulia at Lombardia skyscraper


Alfa Giulia Sideshow in Milan. The five Italian crews who will attend the Beijing-Paris rally brought their jewels in the large adjoining room for the rise of the Lombardy Region. In the center a white monster, the new Giulia, which is so dear to Alfa. Bridesmaids the two cars of the Scuderia del Portello, with their crews: Marco Cajani and Alessandro Morteo on number 69 and we spouses Chiodi on 67. Following the cars of Castellini-Puddu, and Guasti-Guasti. And closing the spectacular parade the "racing red" Giulia of Schön-Tonetti. Just like that, it could be a "parterre de Roi"; but more, at times forming a crown, other thirty Giulia of the Italian Registry. For Alfa fans a dream vision. Arturo Merzario, honorary president of "Portello", Elvira Ruocco and Marco Fazio of the Documentation Centre, Fabrizio Sala Vice President of the Lombard Region, which supports our cars, intervened do speak of our adventure. A whirlwind of photographs, films and TV interviews is unleashed on the arrival of Governor Roberto Maroni, who immediately wore the red jacket of the Scuderia, rose to the edge of our machines, curious and happy as a child with his favorite toy. Then, beautiful words of appreciation, commitment to support us. We had a strong feeling:  Maroni would no longer detach from these "fantastic creatures" that we will race in June, from Beijing to Paris. All five are ready, each of us is curious for small inventions made by others in each car, we exchanged feelings and experiences, spare parts lists and consumer tests. A beautiful morning. Really.

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