Alfa Romeo Giulia 1.3 "Eternamente Giulia" (1966)

Our little Giulia knows that his task to the Beijing-Paris 2016 is only one: to bring us home. And it is not a small challenge. The worst part for the caravan will be Mongolia, a path into nothingness with heavy special stages. Hours and hours of vibration, potholes and rocks. A huge effort for shock absorbers, engine and radiator supports, and exhaust system... Well, this will be the second Giulia that Scuderia del Portello makes available to us. With the first we wandered for a month in India. The only problem we had has been the dynamo replaced during the way with an alternator. We had such a good impression of it that when we had to choose the right car for this new adventure, our answer has been "Eternamente Giulia." (Giulia forever). And It will be so that we will call her.  The electrical system has been overhauled and doubled, as well as the fuel pumps and the crankcase protections. The seats are those reinforced of Alfa 2000. There are two metal boxes for all the possible spare parts, even a polycarbonate spare windshield. Alberto Spotti, the legendary mechanic of  Portello, has placed at the center of the dashboard a big red light: ​"When it turns on, shut down the engine immediately! It means that oil is completely finished. If you expect the pressure indicator tells, you can say bye-bye the to the engine". I asked him why he put the water refilling so high . "It's a secret that we learned at the London-Sydney," he replied laughing. "Maybe when you will be home again​, I'll tell you why it is there. But only if you will bring me back this beautiful Giulia!"

Ha partecipato a...

Pechino-Parigi 2016