Coppa degli Etruschi 2015


Etruschi, last edition

I have been first in grouping, second in Trophy test, third overall. If you tell it so, my participation in Coppa Degli Etruschi would seem quite a blow. But in truth, I took part in the tourist. I was alone on the Fulvia and I combined an indescribable mess. Opponents (except for Giancarlo Carli and Franco Indaco that I always had in front of me) were really newbies. To put it bluntly: six sections in the first trial, 818 penalty! But I enjoyed switching with my left hand (ten times out of 37 I forgot to do it). Excellent lunch in Villa Sofia. I revised old friends after a long time. I found other new ones like Massimo Saggini. We gave him the prize (our book "Due Mondi visti da un'Alfa") for the most beautiful car, a dazzling Alfa Romeo 2,600 Touring  Convertible. And I had to console Mimmone Patara (the organizer) because this twentieth edition of the race will really be the last one. Commitment and passion are not enough. You can switch over to the lack of sponsors; but if even the mayor and the council start to row against, then it is just impossible to do it. It has been amazing, we will have to do other things ...