Ecorally Press 2015


Tired, but first

We finished first in "Ecorally Press". And third overall in the combined FIA Championship for cars with alternative energy. We, rally drivers by chance, this time we defied the laws of nature. We brought in the race the little Suzuki Alto LPG, year of birth 1999 with an ancient rack. The race was tough. Everybody was ready in the closed park of the castle of San Marino at 7.30. We drove more than 500 kilometers along the most inaccessible and battered Apennines roads. Dirt roads of the old San Remo rally. Bends and daring descents. Tests average. Time checks to the hundredth of a second (the last ones at night ...). The arrival of the first stage after nine at night. Almost 14 hours of voltage and severe driving. Rita commitment was tiring too. She had to control road book, trip master, average instruments and the roads. The average instrument  SW-01 did not work (by the way: there is someone in the world able to mount it correctly?), But the Tripy II thankfully gave us a big help. After the first navigation, we had just two-tenths of error. Then we got back on planet Earth. The world champions in office, Liverani-Strada on their Alfa GTV and Ventura-Guerrini on their  Fiat 500 Abarth have prevailed.  And us, with our gasping Suzuki LPG of the last century, we arrived third overall. "Ladies Cup" to the increasingly good Barciulli-Olivoni that preceded even Verini- Biche, names that lovers of yesterday rallies should know very well. In St. Peter's Square, on arrival, we found Cinzia and Francesco. They were the first owners of our car and they came to cheer us and the little Suzuki.