In 40 days our Pe-Pa Giulia will be ready


We still have so many things to do, but we are comforted to know that the most is almost done. Alberto Spotti, "the magician of Scuderia del Portello", put in the two Giulia all his experience. While the coachbuilder was working on the necessary reinforcements to the frame and the uprights, the cars have been tortured by the electrician. Meanwhile, Alberto was busy in rehabilitating engines. That in their accommodation now appear lucid and powerful. The two Giulias are a bit different in their interior (Marco Cajani wanted a reclining seat, hoping to sleep inside...). We preferred to leave the original 46 liters tank and integrate it with a small one outside), the colored triangle above the windscreen in Cajani's car is red, in our green. Standard seats are more comfortable that stringent, four-point belts, roll bars, bumper with rings for the eventual trailer, double electric pump, brake hoses are well hidden, ample front slide protection and a robust steel cage to protect the transmission shaft. What is missing? Well, on second thought the list is still long, but one thing is sure: February the 6th  we will see them ready in Arese, in front of the museum, at the annual awards ceremony of the Scuderia. An opportunity too good for fans Alfa!