Definitely ready to go


We had the license and the Chinese plate, then on few buses, we went to pick up our cars in a sort of "store city" where all goods arriving in China are cleared and stored. And we spent two hours of an increasingly path within this megalopolis that it never seems to end. Giulia seemed happy for our arrival; it is immediately put into motion and started - I would say in joy - to the hotel, and to the 40 kilometres to go back. After a few hundred meters it began as to mutter, puffing and losing power. I thought it was for the empty tank so I drove the few meters that separated us from the first distributor with my proverbial velvet foot. Marco Cajani asked me "did you remember to remove the air?". I shrugged as if to say "What kind of question ...".
We must say that in the car parking Giulias seem little dogs intimidated by the mastiffs group that surrounds them. But the chef of the hotel, coming to snoop through all those cars, gave us great appreciation signals. Then he explained: "You know, I come from Monza in Brianza just like "Scuderia del Portello"...
We spent our afternoon thinking about how to compress our luggage, then garden party and finally with all Italian crews we went for dinner by Ambassador Ettore Sequi in his residence.  The atmosphere was pleasant and informal. With anecdotes, memories, toasts of hope. The ambassador gave us a pin with the Italian flag crossed with the Chinese one. The "Scuderia del Portello" gave him a plaque (that remembered Beijing-Paris) awarded this year to the Champions of Alfa Romeo. Our diplomatic representative remained throughout the after dinner to share with us his motor stories, convinced we will go in the race better than we expect. Perhaps he is right, from Sunday to attack!