Orsello, the bear of Portello


We always need a mascot aboard. But its credibility must be verified. Otherwise, it risks ending his days in some wilderness of the world. As it happened to a stuffed animal purchased in China. After hastily having elected it our lucky charm, we had a series of troubles. Only in one single morning we had the battery death, the disappearance of oil plug and finally the loss of a hubcap. At this point, we threw it in the Gobi Desert. For  Around the World in 80 days we thought we could do without a mascot, but after we had finished upside down in a ravine, we ran for cover immediately and escorted us to the end of the trip a multicolored hairy snake.
On the Inca Trail, a little seal reporter followed us. While a white goose - Gwendolina bla bla of Aristocats - travelled all over Africa with us and our Mercedes coupe. On the last Beijing-Paris in 2007, an ugly but cute blue frog, with goggles and helmet, was with us.
This time, we will rely on a classic Teddy bear, bought in Umbria. All our lucky charms have a history. This bear can boast first of all a special dress, a T-shirt with the emblem of the Portello Scuderia. His task will not be easy because he will be imputed of all our misadventures. But, in the words of Corneille, "to win without risk is to triumph without glory."

    • 30 maggio 2016