Giulia exhibited at the Motor show


It was the world champion Guido Guerrini (FIA Alternative Energies) the first to send us, from the Motor show, a picture of Giulia with which we completed the last Peking to Paris. We already knew from "Scuderia del Portello" that they exposed it to the admiration of the million visitors. But as we saw it all gleaming and winking we heard her whisper, "Well, don't you come to see me?" We'll think about a blitz in Bologna; but we already know that then we would want to climb, put it in motion, feel the roar Alfa and take her away to do a good lap ... We always give our cars a nickname. For this car we could not find the right inspiration, the nickname is something that one day it hits you and you know that it was his: you did not invent it, but only you realise you have found it. Towards the end of the rally, suddenly and in a roundabout way, we had the inspiration, or rather, made the discovery. Our Giulia, just what you see in the picture, the one that brought us from Beijing to Paris in 36 days of extreme and  exhausting competition. Which was able to get us thirteenth among 109 crews, second in class, gold medal for never lost time controls and special tests along the 14,000 kilometres of the rally, this beloved Giulia had a name. It was already circulating - with a completely unjustified superiority mixed with a touch of envy - among some of the six Italian crew finished behind her in the standings: "La Fracicona!" (the worn one)