The lovely sponsors


From the twenty-third floor of the Shangri-La, our cars down in the parking seem tiny coloured ants. You can see only the Alfa Romeo rosette at the centre of the roof. The same space that some other competitors destined to one of the two mandatory spare wheels for regulation. The whole morning has been reserved for checks. Immediately it has spread a voice: the Marshall are very strict on all the safety equipment, such as seat belt attacks on four points, the double triangle, the escort of ten litres of water, the bulbs and bulbs escort. The first to be controlled has been the notary Francesco Guasti who competes with his son George. The left rear light did not work, to find the parts both (father and son) had to rummage - destroying the work done during the whole morning to fit all luggage. In the end, They found the little bag of spare bulbs and, as soon as the Marshall has moved away, the other four Italian crew with Giulia started an embarrassing and pitiful relay passing each other the little bag to show to Marshall. Obviously, they have taken to good our response ( "In Italy only sell this standard package") when they object But I think I already saw these bulbs ").
However, the ultimate patriotic support there has been when Marshall wanted verify my lights and arrows. I tried everything, but they did not work. Friends began to applaud every attempt; someone gave advice mafia ( "Try to push the brake pedal, so you confuse them!"). In the end, Alessandro Morteo understood and said: "Roberto, have you removed the battery switch?".
Promoted on the field with an ovation, we started to fill the cars with stickers of sponsors. And with pride, the last remaining available space, a long strip for you: