Etruscan Regularity


Even if you reach an average error of three cents, you risk being off the podium in a regularity race. At the Cup of the Etruscans, edition number 22, the difference among the first four of the overall standings has been six cents. Pietra Won, surpassing Zanasi at the last passage in the night. Beautiful event, organised as always by Mimmone Patara, that best regularity drivers in Italy now mark as a firm commitment in their calendar. The parallel tourist event has been the preserve of Alessio Natali, who made fewer mistakes than others. What about us? We finished among the first ten (there were nine participants ...) and first in the group (we were alone, with Fiat 1100-103 '53). However, as long as the co-drivers and tools were turned on, we travelled to the average for us stratospheric of six cents. We met many friends; heart sank finding Magda. Mimmo said again (for the fourth time in four years) this is likely to be the latest edition. It would be a shame because the show is set up well: nice rhythm, full immersion at night on country roads and in the villages of Tuscia, dinner without frills, casual brunch and cotillion.