Pechino-Parigi, il grande libro!



“Due rallisti pe rcaso alla Pechino-Parigi”, our book, is ready. 160 glossy pages, large format, 300 fotocolor, few numbered copies, reserved for our most passionate friends.

Images like a dive to the heart, especially the double-pages, half a meter of fotocolor that really give the reader the feeling of being there. And then - modestly - the lyrics that do not make regret Barzini...

Joking aside, it's a great book. Few copies on circulation, to the point of being able to number them one by one. We avoid every suggestion able to gratify a little bit the sponsors. It has earned in accuracy the history of two elderly rallists (maybe a little underdog, but not so "by chance") who any way managed to achieve results, even in their apparent paucity: gold medal, thirteenth absolute on 109 competitors, second in class. And above all, let us say, first among the seven ultra-prepared Italian crews.

Finally, the only ones who have had the time, the constancy, the ability and the desire to take on the commitment of authors and editors.

We did not print a price on the book but to the ones who want absolutely put in their library this rarity we will ask a contribution for expenses incurred.