"Elaborare" rewards our Giulias

With the newspaper seller we could talk with our gestures, I raised my chin, he just shook his head: The magazine "Elaborare Classic" did not arrive yet. I knew that Alberto Bergamaschi (Continental communications, great fanatic of cars, true pilot with the VW Maggiolino) made a nice comparison between two old Giulias after Beijing-Paris: the one, almost standard, we drove and the one  very elaborate drove by Schön. But when I finally got it up in my hands ( "Elaborare is just arrived!" said the man of the newsstand) I realized that Alberto did a job out of the ordinary. Minute details of processing and cost, live tests with both Giulia on track and off-road. He tried both cars just returned from Paris, with their worn tires, dust of Mongolia, the boxes full of spares. The results are surprising, for sure the two Giulias - regardless of the final results that saw excel the one prepared by the Scuderia del Portello - come out with honors. Then, there are also excerpts of our respective logbooks (we wrote every day on the Gazzetta dello Sport, Schön on Corriere Motori), with all the suffering, the exaltations, the disappointments and satisfactions. In short, twelve pages of motoring pleasure, amazing photos, the feeling staff that will be difficult for us "rally drivers by chance" forget about this other, last adventure.