After the first briefing

Gaydon - 579 days to the start

Updated the list of starters. We are 127, a list that seems the one of historic cars on display in a large museum. 15 cars before 1921, with Itala of 1907 and two others (Brasier and Ford T) of 1911. There are also three or four Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, with a value of a few million... 67 cars is entered in the category before 1941. There will be nearly 23 Bentleys at the start. There is a La France, which has a capacity of 14,500 cc. Many of these monsters were brought at the first briefing in Gaydon, near Stratford upon Avon, the country of Shakespeare. We found many friends: three from Luxembourg, they will compete with 3 La Salle pre-war model. We had the promise from Werner Esch, a skilled mechanic: he will help us if we need it. The fantastic Banhams, responsible for mechanical assistance. The Gilles, who won the Around the World in 80 Days. Claude Picasso (he is the son of Pablo). The terrible Merryweather and the American Richard Newman, who had that ugly accident in Africa. Each participant had a badge with the name and registered car. Every time somebody read it on the jacket, the face open to smile. Big laughs and big pats on the back: "Oh you, the crazy ones! You will never do it  ... "We have given everyone appointment in Paris.